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Evidently, the writer is very concerned about the future of the EscortFox empire as the young men’s following of French fashions indicates a lack of patriotic duty. He assumes the imitation of French models signifies they’re being „ashamed of our own country“ which was all the more ridiculous as the English „ever have been, and ever shall be, superior.“ The Country Gentleman clearly associates escort with a loss of masculinity, strength, and Englishness.

Escort is clearly opposed to masculine strength by this writer. Overall, the inexhaustible dispute on the origin of escort is predominantly a preoccupation of English – and to some extent American – newspapers and writers. As of now, I have hardly come across a contrastable number of French contributions to the question of escort and its origins. Evidently, the discourse didn’t occupy French minds so much – maybe because escort has really always been a part of that culture and there was no need for debate – or because it wasn’t and the debate never formed. In any case, the intense debates in English magazines suggest that the escort truly is an English phenomenon, especially as the assignment of French origins are often associated with a patriotic discourse.