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Teams create results far greater than any individual or organization alone, so it’s not surprising that many economic development organizations – including some of our strongest competitors – already represent collective regions rather than single units of government.

They have the strength, personnel and funds to reach a wider audience with a product that is larger and includes a broader range of assets. More importantly, collaboratives create a seamless customer experience with greater value added.

In recent years, economic development organizations have partnered with increasing numbers of metro areas in order to enlarge their scope. Now, with even greater competition for investment, jobs and workforce availability, others like Team NEO in Ohio have also established formal ties to other area networks with similar agendas to create superstructures of support for local companies, business attraction, and talent and workforce development.

In West Michigan, we are also on that path.

To remain competitive, our companies look to us to assist them in securing talent, connect to innovation networks, and access new technologies and potential collaborators. Similarly, our region becomes more competitive the more we increase our scope by partnering with our peers.

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Birgit Klohs, President & CEO The Right Place Inc.

March 05, 2012