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NewNorth Hires Leader

NewNorth Center for Design in Business welcomes Seth Starner as their new President. Starner joins NewNorth after a decade of innovation leadership roles within Amway Corporation. Read More

NewNorth Center catalyzes creativity and innovation for individuals and corporations

John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor

The organization focuses on teaching the design-thinking process to help facilitate innovation within large corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurial startups. Read More

Innovation Reaps Return in Revenue

Stephen Kloosterman

Read More

Design Matters

Kym Reinstadler, MiBiz

At NewNorth Center, we recognize a need to cultivate creative capabilities. Read More

An Interview With NewNorth Center President Nate Young

Melinda Kroll

Why is innovation so important? How can businesses become more innovative? Innovation expert and NewNorth Center President Nate Young answers these questions and encourages Midwest business leaders to be courageous, step out of their comfort zones, and embrace innovation. Read More